Why did we name the company ClusterTruck?

Chris Baggott - Co-founder/CEO

Aug 24th, 2018

This is the question I get a lot. And we get a lot of reviews from our first time customers thinking that their food is going to be delivered by a food Truck…

Food Truck ClusterTruck

“Honestly. I thought I was about to get something off a food truck. Like just something quickly thrown together. Before I got the food I was already prepared not to order with Clustertruck anymore….. I thought I was overpaying for BS food. When I got it and opened that Mac and cheese……. I fell in love. If marriage between Man and food was legal I would have married that Mac and cheese. Well worth the price and delicious. Thank you so much.”

We wanted to make food that was innovative and interesting and imagined. That Food Truck spirit really drives how we think about cuisine. Fun, Fresh, As Local as Possible. Creative spins on familiar, etc….

We also had some insight into the economics of the Food Truck world. Its a simple fact that a bunch of food trucks together generate more interest than a one-off lonely truck. People love the variety they get from mixing & matching cuisine (“I want Pad Thai & Tater Tots with cheese”) Not to mention your friends and colleagues shouldn’t have to be stuck with your food choices!

Events where food trucks gather can be known as ClusterTrucks. So:

  • We knew we wanted food inspired by food trucks
  • We knew we wanted to make food across a variety of cuisine styles
  • And the domain www.ClusterTruck.com was available to us :-)

So now you know. Thanks for asking

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