Whitepaper: Breakfast Burrito

Chris Pfeiffer - Director of Data Science

Feb 28th, 2020

We saw a lot of other tech companies creating “whitepapers” to show off their products, so naturally we decided to get in on the action. Our first step was to figure out what a whitepaper is.

It sounds really fancy, but what separates it from a blog post or memo?

After a little research on the internet we determined that a whitepaper is basically a blog post, but more authoritative. Also, you usually have to give your email address to download it so that you can then be sold to. If a blog post is an outfit, a white paper is an official uniform. You are basically writing a blog post and then saying “I am a thought-leader, so this is not a blog post. It is a white paper”. Webinars are often involved too.

Our Lazy Breakfast Burrito Whitepaper:

When you are looking to growth hack your brain and optimize productivity, the food options of yester-year will no longer suffice. You need an enterprise B2B (burrito to business) partner who understands the need for an outstanding platform that can be customized for your needs. That’s why we have introduced the Lazy Breakfast Burrito to our product line. This A.I. (awesome ingredients) powered, tortilla wrapped technology truly separates itself from the field with high quality ingredients, digitally native ordering capabilities, and the tech behind it to ensure it arrives fresh. As a matter of fact, we believe our breakfast burrito serves as the shared hypotenuse on the conjoined triangles of breakfast and lunch success. Its versatility in terms of acceptable time to eat (ATE) is unparalleled.

The Lazy Breakfast Burrito Triangles of Success

Third party delivery apps have described themselves as “disruptive technologies”. We agree. They are especially disruptive when there is something wrong with your order but you can’t get it fixed because there are so many middlemen involved.

So choose the company in the breakfast burrito space that is disruptive in a good way, ClusterTruck. We’ve always been the most delicious option, but now, with our White Paper, we have also achieved instant thought-leader status.