Meet Epsie

Janet Monroe - Chief of Staff

Jun 17th, 2020


When her mother, Evelina, was choosing a name for her daughter, she chose “Epsie” which, in Hebrew means:

“My delight is in she.”

She chose wisely. Once you get to know Epsie, you quickly realize just how delightful she truly is.

Epsie joined ClusterTruck in April of 2018, and we are lucky to have her. Starting in expo as one of our trusty teammates who diligently packages up meals and carefully hands brown bags filled with fresh cooked meals out the door to our couriers.

The role is intense.

A buzzing receipt printer never seems to stop, and if that machine is buzzing, the expo is too. Expos run from one pick-up station to another, gathering meals, condiments, drinks and cutlery. Counting, sorting and filling bag after bag after bag, trying to never forget even one packet of ketchup. Trust me, we all know that we will hear about it in a customer review if a ketchup packet goes missing.

Through all of it, Epsie never seemed to miss a beat and always wore a smile on her face. When we opened up a new location in Carmel, Indiana, she jumped at the chance to be a part of the opening team.

Hard work has paid off for Epsie. She has learned every station in the kitchen, from salad to sauté, and was promoted to the leadership position of Kitchen Manager in 2020.

Epsie brings us style (check out that apron!) and exudes love and respect every single day of the week. Our kitchen would not be the same without this bold, fun-loving, and hard-working lady.

If you haven’t yet tried them, Epsie recommends:

Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

with her mother
This is my mother Evelina Love-Thomas. I would not be the woman I am if it wasn't for her.

~ Epsie