Chris Baggott - Co-founder/CEO

Jun 19th, 2020


Today, like a lot of other companies, we are celebrating Juneteenth for the first time. We all know that it’s long overdue but as a 60-year-old, the momentum for change is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime.

It really does feel like this time it’s different and we want to go all in to do our part.

Our first step today, Juneteenth, is to pledge to donate 50% of sales to further Technology education focused on people of color. On a normal Friday that would be around $20,000.00… we’ll see what today brings. The organization is called Code2040 if you want to check them out.

Beyond this annual commitment we will be engaging in much more discussion with our Black co-workers to have the often difficult conversations that open up understanding and other opportunities to make a difference.

Best wishes on this special day,

  • Chris Baggott and the entire ClusterTruck team